This adventurous, fantasy slapstick slice-of-life musical cartoon ran from 2004-2009 on CMN at noon, after Peasalls' Garden.

Characters Edit

Dee-Jay: Voiced by Cree Summer, Dee-Jay is the big sister of the Doppel family, who loves hip-hop music and dance.

Deeva: Voiced by Brooke Huffman, Deeva is the little sister who loves jazz and pop music.

Mr. and Mrs. D.: the parents, as voiced by Morgan Cryar and John Mandeville.

Mili: the family gerbil.

Bot: Dee-Jay's talkin' water bottle 'bot, voiced by Alyson Stoner in the voice of Holly Hobbie.

Hot Stuff: the family tabby.

Matilda: the family mutt (corgi-yorkie hybrid).

Lori: Dee-Jay's friend, voiced by , who loves rock and disco music.

Shannon: Deeva's friend, voiced by , who loves all kinds of music from across the world, like Zydeco and Klezmer.