Due to the popularity of the program, Deejay and Deeva have many merchandise.

We All Scream Ice Cream Edit

Deejay's Tiger Chase-Hit the spot on the street with coconuts, cherries, black licorice and oranges swirled throughout our Surprising Vanilla.

Deeva's Black Magic-Be a star with this marshmallow ice cream with wild black cherry swirls and indigo sprinkle stars throughout.

Both these flavours were released in 2006 to commemorate the CMN Original show's launch.

Wacky World Edit

It's Playtime! Karaoke to Go!: Learn the song and sing along to hits from Dee and Dee's show! Released 2011.

It's Party Time!: Join Dee Jay and Deeva for this "Audience Participatory" live-action special celebrating 10 years of fun! Released 2016.