They are the girls' all-time favorite basketball team and their theme song is "Put Me In or Leave Me Out."

Roster Edit

  1. Samuel Spark
  2. Samson Spark
  3. Joseph Junebug (Deeva's favorite player)
  4. Moses Mothball (Deeva's other favorite player)
  5. Leonard Loveheart (Dee-Jay's Favorite Player)
  6. Solomon Strikeout (Dee-Jay's Other Favorite Person in the World and on the RR Basketball Team and the Coach)

Team Cheer Edit

This is done when the team wins a game. The words are:

"We we we are loud! We we we are proud!

R-E-D! Red Rumble! R-E-D Red Rumblers!

Who's the best? We're the best! Who is? We are!

Rumblers! Rumblers! Re-e-e-e-e-ed Rumblers!"

Group Yell Edit

When the team scores a point, everyone yells "Rumble On!"