They are Dee Jay and Deeva's heroes. They each have their own cheer, group yell, and a different sport that they play. Also, they have a sing-along before, during, and after games.

Teams Edit

Red Rumble (Basketball)

Yellow Swarm (American Football)

Green Machine (Soccer)

Blue Crew (Baseball)

Orange Outrage (Swimming)

Purple Power (Track and Field)

Pink Surge (Gymnasts and Acrobats)

Violet Energy (Dancers)

Indigo Curiousity (Curling)

Magenta Movement (Ringette)

Chartreuse Starlight (Frisbee)

Vermillion Eclipse (Ice Skating)

Aqua Amazement (Stickball)

White Wonder (Wiffleball)

Black Boom (Martial Arts)

Marigold Miniatures (Young Children's T-Ball Team)

Fuschia Fury (Hockey)