This is the girls' all-time favorite football team. Their theme song is "Ready to Play When You Are."

Roster Edit

  1. Willomenia "Willow" White
  2. Frederica "Freddie" Fun (Deejay's favorite)
  3. Hayley Hazel (the girls' all-time favorite YS player in the world)
  4. Amelia Azure (Deeva's favorite)
  5. Melody-Mae McLaughlin (from the WHJAS CMN Original Show)
  6. Koko "Kokonut" Kelman (Deejay's 2nd favorite)
  7. Sandy Schlosser (Deeva's other favorite)
  8. Zarah Zimmer
  9. Helen Hanks
  10. Yuki Young
  11. Coach Chloe Coquette

Cheer Edit

Y E L L everybody yell oh!

Yell! Everybody yell-oh!

Yellow Swarm, where you at? Ready for attack!

Where you at? Ah-ttack!

1-2-3! Ohh, sting them!

Group Yell Edit

When the team scores a point, field goal, or touchdown, everyone yells "GET BUSY!" as loud as they can.